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Liberia, Guinea Presents Country Report to ECOWAS Parliament, Hopeful On Combating Challenges


Liberia Member State’s Delegation to the Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS has presented the Country-Report to the Parliament at its ongoing first Ordinary Session holding in Abuja.

The Country-Report which represents an analysis of the situations in the Republic of Liberia, indicated that the Political Situation of the country is stable under the government of.Joseph Boikai, who is the 26th President of the nation.

Analysing the Economy of the nation, the report projects real GDP growth, with a focus on priority areas and strong investments, citing the boarder approved resource envelope for FY 2024 as US$692,409,245.53.

The report showed that Liberia has made progress in meeting four out of six macroeconomic convergence criteria.

The report however drew attention to challenges in the areas of regional security threats, drug trafficking, and the need for national reconciliatory measures to unite both past and present leaders.

The delegation however assured that the government was doing all it could to combat the challenge as they now have a strong law in place to combat the challenges.

Similarly the Republic of Guinea delegation at the Parliament who also presented their situation report, brought to bare the challenges confronting the country in the areas of security, human rights, and socio-economic development, but expressed determination to overcome them.

The report which was presented by Hon.Fanta Conte. highlighted the country’s efforts to rebuild and strengthen its institutions, as well as promote democracy, and ensure a peaceful return to constitutional order.

Conte affirmed that the country’s transition process was progressing gradually, with the National Committee of the Rally for Development working to establish strong and legitimate institutions, ensure the rule of law, and promote fundamental human rights.

For the Economic situation, the report stated that despite challenges, Guinea has made significant economic progress, with a growth rate of 4.2% projected for 2024 and has adopted several security policies and laws to combat terrorism, money laundering, and fraud, so as to improve it security situation.

The Guinea delegation however appreciated the ECOWAS Parliament for its support and guidance during their trying period, noting that the solidarity and encouragement from ECOWAS counterparts became their sound of strength.

They also assured that they are doing everything possible to return to constitutional order, assuring that all the activities adopted by ecowas is being implemented

Commenting on the reports presented to the Parliament, the MPs commended the Guinea delegation for tneir return to parliamentary activities, expressing optimism that the new era will further strengthen democracy.

They stressed the need for stability, security and peace to achieve much in the sub-region the MPS urged them to encourage their authorities to attend other meeting that is pivotal to the growth of the region and advancementof democracy.

For Liberia, Parliamentarians commended the report in its reflection of sincerity about the situation in the country. they presented the actual fact of the country

They however expressed concern over developing threat of food insecurity, noting the negative effect on every economic factor. they called for a column that will be dedicated to reporting to the community on this issue, to tackle the challenge headon.

The MPS also drew attention to non-payment of community levy by members states, urging the Parliament to.adpot measures that will ensure compliance by all member states.

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