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FEC Constitutes Investigative Panel on Ibadan Explosion


The Federal Executive Council, FEC, say it has constituted an investigative panel to report on the laws broken that led to explosives, following the findings of preliminary reports on Ibadan Explosion tragedy.

The Minister of Defence, Abubakar Badaru revealed this while briefing State House Correspondents after the FEC meeting, presided by President Bola Tinubu.

Badaru, noted that any on the discovery of infractions would lead to appropriate sanctions.

He said that there was strigent law attached to the movement, storage and ownership of explosives which is being monitored, adding that an investigative team had been dispatched to the scene of the tragedy.

For his part, Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Professor Ali Pate said President is very keen about progress to safeguard the health of Nigerians.

He said the Council took far-reaching decisions relating to the health sector, including regulating the sector to protect Nigerians and rising cost of pharmaceuticals,

“Consistent with the President’s Renewed Hope Agenda, which puts to the human capital, health and social welfare of Nigerians at the center, today at the Federal Executive Council, Mr. President took three far-reaching decisions relating to the health sector. The first is on the the hike in prices that we have in the pharmaceutical, which is going beyond the reach of many Nigerians, life-saving commodities, devices like syringes and needles and the exit of major companies from our market.

“Those decisions also include the regulation of the sector to protect the health and well being of humans and the third decision is regarding how we deal with the crisis of human resources in the health sector.

“Mr President’s intent is that we begin to take steps to enable the local manufacturers to survive, to thrive and to deliver the basic commodities that are key to saving their lives and he directed that the Attorney General of the Federation work with us to come up with an Executive Order, which is the mechanism through which he will act, given the concern that he has that many Nigerians are suffering from the costs of pharmaceuticals, as well as other devices,” he said.

Also speaking, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Dr Doris Uzoka-Anite said “the Council noted the rising cost of goods and services in the country, as well as the rising cost of doing business in Nigeria and also noted the excitement and optimism of the real sector that the Renewed Hope Agenda will bring a prosperous 2024.

“We deliberated on how we can actually improve the business environment for manufacturers and industrialist,”she said.

She said President Bola Tinubu has mandated that the council must fast-track their reports and their reviews and come up quickly with their recommendations so that the real sector and the citizens can begin to feel the impact of the Renewed Hope Agenda.

According to the Minister, government must do all that is necessary to remove all roadblocks and bottlenecks impeding or impacting businesses in Nigeria.

She said “His Excellency, the President, has always reiterated that Nigeria is open for business and that there are no more roadblocks. We are removing and we’ve removed these roadblocks and these roadblocks include multiple taxation, multiple levies, customs duties and various levies that are imposed on businesses, infrastructure decay, including power.

“As you will recall, the Presidential Council on Industrial Revitalization includes the following: the Committee on Consumer Credit, Committee on Artisan Certification and Licensing, Committee on Trade Facilitation, Committee on Commodity Exchange, Committee on Mining and Solid Minerals, Committee on Oil and Gas, Creative Economy, Steel and Heavy Industries and now Healthcare has also opted to join the Presidential Council, as well as the Committee on MSMEs,” she said.

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